Pillow Nasa Memory Foam Sandwich

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The Orthopedic pillow is a memory foam pillow designed for back and side sleepers to lay as ergonomically as possible. It provides the neck with proper support, keeping your spine in the correct position during sleep and allowing your muscles to fully relax. These features make the pillow an ideal solution for headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain.
Experience the comfort you want to prioritize in your life with the Visco Sandwich Pillow!
The Visco Sandwich Pillow is indispensable for your perfect sleep, thanks to the adjustable height that you can customize as you wish and the 3-layer structure that supports the health of the spine and neck. It is durable and long-lasting, and it also provides you with a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment with its Aloe Vera effect.

Technical details

100% compatible form: The premium foam, produced with advanced technologies, supports your neck and head by adapting to the natural curves of your body's spine.
Filling: 100% Visco
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Size: 60x36x(12-14) cm

Adjustable height according to your comfort

The Visco Sandwich pillow gives you the option to adjust the height as desired with 3 different layers inside.

The pillow is equipped with a double-sided neck support curve and offers two different use alternatives: 14 cm and 12 cm.

The Visco sandwich pillow is made with dynamic foam that adapts to the natural curve of your body and supports your head and neck for superior comfort.


Fabric: 100% Pes Aloe Vera Essential

Filling: 100% Visco Pe


Only the outer fabric can be washed.
Dust 100% Pes Aloë Vera Essential, Vulling - 100% Visco Pe
to wash Only the outer fabric can be washed

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