Hotel topper cold foam HR45 10 cm

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The Hotel cold foam HR45 topper is a luxurious 10 cm thick topper with a cool & fresh cover, providing superior ventilation and preventing overheating. The core of the topper is made of HR45 cold foam. Cold foam, a type of polyurethane foam that is not made at high temperatures during production, has an open cell structure. This allows the material to breathe excellently and absorb moisture well. Cold foam shows almost no sagging.

This material offers high comfort and has a long lifespan. Cold foam toppers and mattresses are generally known for their good quality, and their unique properties are quite remarkable. Moreover, cold foam provides the best gradual counter-pressure, meaning it offers excellent support.


✔ The topper comes with a cool & fresh cover (superior ventilation to prevent overheating).

✔ The cover is removable.

✔ The cover is washable at 60°C.

✔ The cover is hypoallergenic.

✔ The topper core is made of HR45 cold foam.

✔ The topper is approximately 10 cm thick.

✔ The topper has a firm feel.

✔ The lifespan of the topper is between 5-8 years.

✔ The topper provides good support.

✔ The topper regulates moisture effectively.

Would you like the topper in a different size than indicated above? No problem! We can provide the topper in various sizes.

Hypoallergenic Anti allergic
Thickness 10 cm
Removable and washable cover Cool & Fresh Deterior
Material HR45 Cold foam
Washable at 60°C

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