Bamboo memory foam Original pillow

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This Original Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is an ergonomically designed pillow that conforms to your body weight, providing the necessary support for your neck, shoulders, and back. Additionally, it regulates your body temperature for the most optimal sleep conditions, thanks to the bamboo cover that wicks away perspiration for a perfect night's rest. The cover of this pillow is removable and can be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius.


Filling: Memory foam pillow.
Provides optimal support thanks to the memory foam.
Regulates your sleep temperature for a relaxing night's sleep.
Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive sleepers.
High-quality bamboo outer cover with zipper closure.
Inner pillow made of 100% memory foam.
Fits standard pillowcases.
Removable cover, machine washable up to 30 degrees Celsius.
Dimensions: 50x70 cm.
Hypoallergenic The pillow is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with allergies. It helps repel allergens like dust mites
Removable and Washable Cover The pillow's cover is removable and machine washable up to 30 degrees Celsius, making it easy to maintain and keep clean
Bamboo Exterior with Zipper The exterior of the pillow is made of high-quality bamboo material and features a zipper for easy access to the cover
100% Visco Foam Inner Pillow The inner pillow of the cushion is made of 100% viscoelastic foam for consistent support
Ergonomically Designed The pillow is ergonomically designed to support the natural curvature of your neck and spine, which can help reduce neck and back pain
Filled This pillow is filled with viscoelastic memory foam, which conforms to the contours of your head and neck for optimal support
Temperature Regulation The bamboo cover of the pillow regulates temperature, ensuring comfortable sleep regardless of whether it's hot or cold
Standard Pillowcase Size The pillow measures 50x70 cm, which corresponds to a standard pillowcase size, allowing you to easily find a suitable pillowcase

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